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Russian Revolution: April 2, 1917

April 2, 1917 (March 20, Old Style)

The Provisional Government abolishes all religious and ethnic restrictions formerly imposed by the Monarchy. Non-Russian languages are now allowed at private educational institutions and record keeping.


Russian Revolution: April 1, 1917

April 1, 1917 (March 18 Old Style)

Stalin becomes a member of the Executive Committee of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies.

Russian Revolution: March 30, 1917

March 30, 1917 (March 17 Old Style)

Poland appeals for independence. The Provisonal Government refuses.

Russian Revolution: March 27, 1917

March 27, 1917 (March 14 Old Style)

The Petrograd Soviet addresses “the people of the whole world” declaring an earnest desire for peace, an end to World War I, without annexations or indemnities.

Russian Revolution: March 25, 1917

March 25, 1917 (March 12, 1917 old style)
The Provisional Government abolishes the death penalty. Stalin arrives in Petrograd after being released from prison. Three days later, he is appointed to the editorial board of Pravda.

Russian Revolution: March 22, 1917

March 22, 1917 (March 9 Old Style)

The USA is the first government in the world to formally recognize the new Provisional Government. Two days later, France, England, and Italy would follow suit, after recieving assurance the government would continue to wage war.

Russian Revolution: March 21, 1917

March 21, 1917 (March 8 Old Style)

The Petrograd Soviet creates the Contact Commission as an organ of communication with the Provisional Government. Meanwhile, the Provisional Government refuses to allow Finland the independence it demands.

Russian Revolution: March 19, 1917

March 19, 1917 (March 6, 1917 old style)
The Provisional Government announces amnesty for political prisoners.

Russian Revolution: March 18, 1917

March 18, 1917 (March 5 Old Syle)

The first issue of Pravda is published, since being closed down as a result of its peaceful stance on the World War.

Russian Revolution: March 17, 1917

March 17, 1917 (March 4, 1917 old style)
Ukrainian nationalists respond to the political upheaval in Russia and form the Central Rada, or the Central Council. The Central Rada will issue their First Universal on June 23, 1917.

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