Russian Revolution: August 16 – Sept. 1, 1917

August 16, 1917 (August 3, 1917 old style)August 16, 1917 (August 3, 1917 old style)

Stalin is elected to the Central Committee of the Bolsheviks.

August 17,1917 (August 14, 1917 old style)

The division in the State Conference becomes palpable when General Kornilov arrives. Kerensky patriotically asserts his authority, to which Miliukov explains: “In reality, he invokes only a feeling of pity”. Kornilov speaks with heavy defeatism, with attentive Allied diplomats in the audience, and explains that the Germans can easily win Riga, and if he is not allowed a full military dictatorship, Petrograd is sure to fall. Rhetoric vehemently crosses the aisles, threats abound, open fighting nearly breaks out. The government is starkly divided between Social Democracy and Military Dictatorship. Amazingly, world renown Anarchist Peter Kropotkin shows his support for the defense of Russia through a dictatorship, explaining that: “We need a federation such as they have in the United States.”

August 20 – 25, 1917 (August 7 – 12, 1917 old style)

The Second Conference of Petrograd Factory Committees takes place. There will be three more conferences prior to the Bolshevik revolution.

August 25- 28, 1917 (August 12-15, 1917 old style)

The Provisional Government holds a State Conference in Moscow. Workers Soviets overwhelming vote for a general strike in opposition to the Conference, but the Petrograd Soviet votes 364 to 304 to not strike. The Workers partly accept this, and instead strike for a single day: 400,000 workers walk out. As a result of the backwardness of the Petrograd Soviet, a vote is taken to hold new elections, and receives support in the form of 175 votes to 4.

End of August 1917 (Mid of August 1917 old style)

Kornilov, the commander in chief of the Provisional Government, sends troops to Petrograd.

August 27, 1917 (August 14, 1917 old style)

Kerensky judges Kornilov’s move as an attempted military coup. He fires Kornilov from his post as commander in chief and orders him to come to Petrograd, and makes himself the new commander in chief.

August 31, 1917 (August 18, 1917 old style)
The Petrograd Soviet, despite the objection of Menshevik president Cheidze, holds a vote on the abolition of the death penalty. The vote resolves: 900 to 4 to abolish the death penalty. Only the top leaders of the Menshevik party — Tseretelli, Cheidze, Dan, Lieber — vote against. On the 22nd, the Provisional Government agrees to abide by the Soviet decision, fearful of retribution otherwise.

September 1, 1917 (August 19, 1917 old style)
Kornilov refuses to come to Petrograd. He goes to Bykhov instead, surrenders, and gets caged. He manages to escape later. Kornilov demands that Kerensky allow him to reassign his army to Petrograd. Kerensky refuses.


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