Russian Revolution: March 15, 1917

by Dr. Bruce Arnold

March 15, 1917 (March 2,1917 old style)
The Provisional Committee of the Duma forms the Provisional Government.

Prince Georgy Yevgenyevich Lvov becomes first prime minister and minister of the interior of the Provisional Government. He will quit his job on July 20, 1917.

The Petrograd Soviet pledges loyalty to the Provisional Government but mentions in the fine print that it won’t cooperate in case its members can’t agree. In effect, this means two groups are ruling. This time is also called the Era of Dual Authority.

Aleksandr F. Kerensky becomes vice chairman of the Petrograd Soviet and minister of justice in the Provisional Government. Kerensky is the only individual brave (or crazy) enough to hold positions in both organizations.

Nicholas II is on a train to his residence, the summer palace, at Tsarskoe Selo and gets stuck in Pskov. The Duma insists on Nicholas’ abdication and sends representatives Aleksandr Ivanovich Guchkov and Vasilii Vitalievich Shulgin to meet him there. Nicholas complies and signs the papers.

Nicholas abdicates in favor of his brother, Grand Duke Michael, also spelled Mikhail.