Crisis of Capitalism Accelerating  

by Dr. Bruce Arnold

​ABC News has a story they just posted about US troops moving in force into Polsnd. 

Why is Obama provoking Russia? Moving US troops into a former Warsaw Pact country can only be seen as an incitement of some kind.

This isn’t war games or maneuvers. Whatever the military reason may be, it’s yet another sign of the deepening crisis of capitalism, which is accelerating. If something isn’t structurally out of whack in a big way yet, events are pushing in that direction.

Could be an outbreak in the Middle East, and they’re moving to secure Europe before it happens. Could be the next stock market crash, and military action is always good for shoring up a faltering economy.

I don’t tend to be alarmist, but I see a lot of events piling up. Electing a fascist as US president. Both major US parties having serious internal problems at the same time. Power grab in the NC legislature. Anti-worker laws being passed in the Kentucky legislature. Right wing movements gaining strength in Europe. And so on.

The people united will never be defeated  – el pueblo unido jamas sera vencido. If the working class doesn’t sort this out, there will be hell to pay.

I would like to be wrong. I’m not 100% sure I’m right. This is the way it’s looking today.